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#72 - BlahDude
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(07/25/2012) [-]
Why can't we care about both?

I do think it's terrible that hundreds of people, soldiers and civilians, die in the middle east every day due to war. I do. And I do think the media should cover these events a lot more than they already do.

But that doesn't mean that we should just not care about the deaths in Colorado. We should strive to care about the shooting too, as well as all the all the killings that happens in other places.

No one in the middle east right now is saying "Don't mourn them! Mourn us! Our tragedy is greater!" They would want you to mourn both.

In a perfect world, every unjust death on this planet would go remembered and mourned. We don't have to chose "them or us"

To be honest, this guy just seems like an attention seeker to me. But that's just my opinion.