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Lady Hit By Truck After Running Red Ligh


Truck Hits Woman's Scooter in china, A woman narrowly escaped death in a traffic accident after a running truck smashed her electric bicycle in Ningbo City, east China's Zhejiang Province. The accident occurred as the woman was running the red light when she was riding the bicycle across a street from north to south at an intersection in Beilun District of the city.

Meanwhile, the truck driver was accelerating his vehicle which traveled from west to east, so as to make a turn before the flashing green light turned red.

The truck driver jerked the steering wheel right after he saw the woman, and fortunately the woman managed to jump from her bicycle in the last second and did not get injured.

However, her bicycle was torn into pieces.

Zhang Hongyong, a local traffic policeman, said the woman and the truck driver should bear equal responsibilities in accordance with the traffic law.

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