mass effect 3 best worst ending


Brand new Egoraptor shirts here!!: sharkrobot.com/egoraptor CHARMANDER!!!

Animation by (in order of appearance):

Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson: www.youtube.com/egoraptor

Rodrigo "El-Cid" Huerta: www.youtube.com/elcid1984

Hans Van Harken: www.youtube.com/almightyhans

Ross "RubberNinja" o' Donovan: www.youtube.com/rubberross

Christina "Jaxxy" Harrow (voices by Josh "Tomamoto" Tomar): www.youtube.com/jaxamoto

Music by Chris O'Neill: www.youtube.com/oneyng

Additional thanks to:

Tank: www.youtube.com/zombieregime

Suzy Berhow: www.youtube.com/meeperfish

Stephenie Werner

Indoctrination Theory? Fak yuu Indoctrination Theory.

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