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Cloud Time Lapse


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First attempt at shooting a time-lapse using the GoPo HD Hero's built in photo intervalometre mode. I set the GoPro to P5 which meant it looked a single photo every 5 seconds, and I left it running for just under an hour. This video includes around 700 photos.

I used the handlebar and seat post mount to attach the camera to a metal post, to ensure the camera didn't move at all during the process.

The GoPro takes photos with 4:3 aspect ratio, I don't really like using that ratio for YouTube videos, so I imported every photo in Microsoft Picture Manager and cropped the down in batch to get the 16:9 aspect ratio. Doing this does not distort or warp the photo in any way, you just lose a little but of photo from either the top or bottom, or top and bottom.

Equipment used in this video -
GoPro HD Hero
GoPro Handlebar and Seat Post mount
Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Pack 9.0
Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Views: 685 Submitted: 07/01/2012
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