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We should have never dropped the bomb

Seriously Japan, wtf.
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Submitted: 06/29/2012
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User avatar #5 - ivoryhammer (06/29/2012) [-]
Or dropped more
#4 - ultracougar (06/29/2012) [-]
Dont you mean we should have dropped 10 bombs?
#2 - thepiratemonkey (06/29/2012) [-]
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#1 - jimandtonic (06/29/2012) [-]
mfw, da **** did i just watch & listen to?...
#10 - milfordcubicle (07/02/2012) [-]
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#6 - anonymous (06/29/2012) [-]
Next to most american music this actually is pretty decent ... aka all the commerical ******** ... jsut to name a few stupid rappers , nicki minaj , justin beiber , nickel back , lady gaga , keisha ... **** there is too many i might still be here tommarow.... this video is actually hilarious and use some reference to the japanese and chinese culture .... stop qqing on something when you listen to skrillex aka talentless boy who use a mac as an instrument rofl
User avatar #3 - kibbleking (06/29/2012) [-]
Every time I pressed pause... they kept moveing

Every time I pressed mute... they kept singing
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