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User avatar #266 - knightofcheese (06/05/2012) [-]
Troll the **** out of XxMiStArDmaNxX on Xbox live anyone? Ignorant hillbilly **** .
#280 to #266 - uzbeownedlikeaboss (06/13/2012) [-]
we aren't ALL inbreds and hillbillys in West Virginia. And yes, there are plenty of ignorant hillbilly ******* that annoy the **** out of me everyday, but you really need to get over that stereotype. It's actually quite nice here.... If you get over the fact that everyone owns about twenty million guns... and the fact that people everywhere think that we're all retarded and hillbillys.
User avatar #283 to #280 - knightofcheese (06/28/2012) [-]
How did that sound like I was directing it towards West Virginia and it's people?
#284 to #283 - uzbeownedlikeaboss (07/06/2012) [-]
I dunno... I guess i was just protesting to all who would listen... those people in the video were ignorant ******* ...
#268 to #266 - Rascal (06/05/2012) [-]
there is plenty of them,not just the one,theres not enough people in the world to troll all the inbreds
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