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Point at him, point at him and laugh!


"9gaggers unite to shut down the site called 4chang(Anonymous's base camp)and funnyjunk. I've been on the site and its filled with ponies and retarded photoshop penises. the design and visual appeal of 4chan sucks. 9gag looks better then 4chan and it will always be better. The community is far more mature and the quality of entertainment is more funny. And the punishment we get for this, being framed for internet crimes committed by 4chan. This is immoral and illegal.
This is where 9gag fights back and will win. 9gag army is the strongest force on the internet.

Anyone leaving hate will be noted and reported to the local sheriff that i'm friends with. Also your names will be saved in a sever so you can be fined for practicing crude speech and/or bullying
Support 9gag 4 life"

Yea, this is the actual description this kid left on his video ^

Views: 2373 Submitted: 05/27/2012