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combo's madness


Spoiler! A shocking scene of this great british film who won a BAFTA Film Award and others! Impressive, hope you can comment and rate. Thanks for watching <br />
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Synopsis:<br />
12 year old Shaun lives with his widowed mother in a small town in Britain. His father, an army officer, was one of the Falkland casualties. A loner, he is befriended by some older skinhead youth, who shave off his hair, date an older young woman, and subsequently introduce him to ex-convict Combo. Shaun unwittingly volunteers to be part of Combo's gang, and is taken to a meeting hosted by Britain's right-winged National Front, which openly advocates ethnic cleansing; re-defines Racism as Reality; and Nazism as Nationalism. Combo then takes his followers on a spree of sword and knife-wielding terror, looting a corner store run by Sandhu, all eventually get stoned, violence ensues - resulting in a murder.

Views: 461 Submitted: 05/23/2010