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Chatroulette Penis Song (v2)

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Had to share. At least I know he could hear me despite the visual lag.

I hope you enjoy the song, as I have now satisfied certain impulses. If you like it, let me know, maybe I can work on a V3 in the future.



I've seen so many penises on Chatroulette today,
I've seen so many penises I might as well be gay.

When we are clicking next we are taking that horrible chance
that our future random partner will be a partner-sans-pants.

The process for these penile pair ups is really quite a laugh,
Chatroulette calls it, "Spinning The Wheel" but I call it "Getting The Shaft!"

Testicles from Turkey
Cocks from Kazakhstan
Little dicks from Denver
And peckers from Pakistan

Penises from all over the word have taken root and I fear
That we won't be any logical reason for us to even be here!


I don't want to sound like a complete microphone hog
but step the **** back, give me some breathing room, dog.
I'm the Super Sonic Foxomatic Auto Jimmy Rustler,
I don't subscribe to Playboy but occasionally flip through Hustler.

There seems to be an online random chat penis brigade.
I can only assume it is the only way that some of these dudes get laid.
And even there, who gives a ****? Who gives a **** about that?
Just be honest with yourself Chatroulette, and call yourself "Penis Chat."

And don't even get me started on Chatroulette's alleged "Safe Mode,"
I've felt safer holding uranium rods by the armload.
I bet you if they broadcast Chatroulette in to outer space,
I'd end up with some alien triple-cosmic-penis in my face.

Funky fuzz on hairy nuts and too many weird shots of hairy butts,
People pooping in a cup and scary tranny super-sluts
These are some of the things on Chatroulette I've seen today, it's true,
But apparently it is the only thing that this stupid dog wants to do.

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User avatar #2 - TheOriginalNerd
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(05/29/2012) [-]
this is why i thumb up ALL OF YOUR VIDEOS
User avatar #1 - fuzzyballs
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(05/26/2012) [-]
well that was pretty goddamn awesome
now I remember why you're my only sub