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Banana Boys & The Actor

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I thought I would see if anyone would play games with me if I had ManyCam text-scroll a generic WARNING about who they were talking to. That didn't go well at all. I couldn't tell if people were disconnecting because of what they read, or if it was just normal Nexting Because I Am Not Boobs.

The Banana Boys clip (You Against The Internet), that went on forever. I eventually gave them the link here, so I should apologize to them for not showing the full thing, but there was just way too much banana. The second dude, The Actor (Insaneotron) went through the "standard inkblot test" with the scrolling ticker, and then had an (I can only assume) an Oscar moment when he realized he was done talking to me.

Ah, the internet. Anyway, have a good weekend.

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Why the **** is this getting thumbs down? Funnyjunk wouldn't know quality content if it bit them in their vaginas.