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Chatroulette Randoms 5


Whoa, for some reason I never publicized Scraps V. Only 25 people saw it. Hmm, what was I embarrassed about? I feel no shame now, so who knows what kept me from publicizing this? Notes:
1) Game of Thrones
2) First Instances of Satan Voice
3) Blot blue tie and mustache?!
4) The "My old nemesis" routine.
5) Semen consumption.
6) Mr. Fox gets big. And kissed.
7) That dude with the plunger and medicine bottle? WTF?
8) Internet alarm clock and gay man loop?

Note to FJ users: To the half of you that subscribe to me because you are entertained: Great! Glad to hear/be of service, hope we can have a lot of fun in the future!
To the other half: WHY ARE YOU WATCHING THEN? JUST STOP WATCHING ANYTHING I DO = PROBLEM SOLVED! Why would you subscribe to something you dislike?

Caps =/= rage. Just confused.

Views: 1748 Submitted: 05/08/2012