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So other bronies can sing along


Other languages of this song:
Danish: youtu.be/RTmLSE5slyY
English: youtu.be/C-0N2wtsG6Y
German: youtu.be/F81bp5IN2OE
Latin America: youtu.be/svBGTmt6-qc
Norwegian: youtu.be/reVDybajXlA
Polish: youtu.be/2kmaFUzAUwk
Russian: youtu.be/FYVjuu_cxXE
Swedish: youtu.be/3TowDyV1pYA

This is a Karaoke version of Winter Wrap Up.
This version of the song features the lyrics on the video as the song progress.
Each of the mane 6 characters is assigned to a number of lines which match their character.
Because this is adjusted for 6 people to sing, they all sings for the choir.

TWILIGHT SPARKLE features two solos.
RAINBOW DASH features the intro and one solo. Accompanied by Pinkie Pie at the end of the solo.
PINKIE PIE features the intro and one solo phrase. Accompanies Rainbow Dash solo at the end.
RARITY features the intro and a duo with Fluttershy.
APPLEJACK features the intro and one solo.
FLUTTERSHY features a duo with Rarity.

If you see something wrong in the video, a line that is incorrect or a spelling, or maybe the timing is wrong. Please note that in the comments.

I may (not sure if it can be done in an easy way) add so the text filles when each word should be singed.

Tags: ponies
Views: 4651 Submitted: 05/07/2012