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Naughty Bear! I want!


Click Here to Watch the Naughty Bear Multiplayer Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBtKqwtHFA8
Naughty Bear Launch Trailer [HD]
Developer: A2M
Release: 6/29/2010
Genre: Action/Adventure
Platform: PS3/X360
Publisher: 505 Games
As Naughty Bear, players will wreak havoc on every stuffing-filled foe that crosses their path. Featuring an array of weapons, objects and scare tactics, gamers strive to earn Naughty Points as they inflict physical and psychological harm on Naughty Bear's enemies. This all-new scare-based points system means players will win the most rewards for being deviant and maniacal. The variety allows for a completely new experience every time players pick up a controller and the ill-fated bears become more difficult to harass and terrorize as the game progresses. Naughty Bear features more than 30 levels to unlock, with unique characteristics and weaponry encountered at every stage. Gamers can search the game world and collect all the hidden party items locked away by the other bears.
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