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Every Nintendo 64 game released in Ameri


This video briefly shows every single Nintendo 64 game released in North America during the system's life cycle. It does not include any Japanese or PAL exclusives. All of the footage in the video was recorded off of a single original Nintendo 64 system. None if it was taken from an emulator or the Wii's Virtual Console.

List of games shown: pastebin.com/wsphnRm1

aleckermit: "Playing all 296 Nintendo 64 games was a great pleasure, but a burden at times as well. I was plesently surprised by many games that I had never played/heard of before, and tortured by some very bad games too. On the technical end of things, the audio was very hard to get consistant (296 games = 296 different levels of sound). I did my best to make the volume equal throughout but you may notice some dipping here and there. Also, most of the gameplay was recorded with composite video input because my capture card was wigging out. Footage from Polaris Snowcross and onward is s-video.

Here are some less-popular N64 games that I highly reccomend playing: Snowboard Kids, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, Chameleon Twist 2, International Track & Field 2000, Jeopardy!, Mischief Makers, Glover, Goemon's Great Adventure, International Superstar Soccer 98', Knife Edge Nose Gunner, Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness, Rayman 2, Ridge Racer 64, South Park Chef's Love Shack, Star Soldier Vanishing Earth, Winback Covert Operations.

..and some games that you should probobly never touch: Battlezone Rise of the Black Dogs, Carmageddon 64, Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000, Fox Sports College Hoops, Penny Racers, Deadly Arts, Powerpuff Girls Chemical Extraction, Razor Freestlye Scooter, Transformers Beast Wars Transmetal, any of the wrestling games, Xena Talisman of Fate. Superman 64 is so poorly programmed that it can be pretty fun *Your experience with Superman 64 may not be the same as mine.

Big thanks to my bud Swordless for hosting this video for me.

That's all I have to say, enjoy the video."

Be sure to check out and subscribe to aleckermit on YouTube. He makes lots of cool Zelda videos, as well as showing off rare collectable N64 items he has: www.youtube.com/user/aleckermit

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