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Pokemon but with animals 3


About 9 months ago I had unprotected sex with the internet. Now look what's happened. Let this be a lesson. Always use a condom. Or better still, just stop having sex with the internet. I learnt my lesson far too late. Now my willy is pixelated and I've got memes growing out my arse.

Anyway, here's Pokemon BWAI 3, sorry it took so long, I just don't have time for making these anymore really, which is a shame. But these are one of those love/hate kinda deals for me now. I hate making it and I love making it.

Hopefully there will be more, if I can get someone to help me out with the animating, but this is the last one I'm going to do completely by myself. You have no idea how close I came to thinking this was a steaming pile of crud and just deleting everything. Little hissy fit. But now its up, so enjoy!

More videos and goodness:
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Theme tune & Pokemon covers by Burn7.
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Check out his stuff, he's pretty awesome.

Title cards by Henry Finnegan.

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Written and Directed by:
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Ryan Hunt

Views: 4930 Submitted: 04/17/2012