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How to Become OWEN WILSON in *5 Easy Ste


Watch how I transform myself into Owen Wilson in 60 seconds.


Owen Wilson is an awesome man. We all loved him in Midnight in Paris, Wedding Crashers, Shanghai Noon and a ton of others.....By following these simple steps I will show you how to completely transform yourself into the man , the myth and the legend that is Owen Wilson.

Step 1: Get yourself blonde hair with streaks. You need to look like you hit the surf at dawn every day. Use a wig if necessary.

Step 2: Completely cut off all of the air going through your nose. It is very important that air does not make it through your nose. Also tape your nostrils and flare them from the side.

Step 3: Getting his voice down is tricky enough. If you are having problems have a friend or random stranger kick you in the balls.

Step 4: You are not allowed to move your mouth when you speak. If you move your mouth in the slightest you have failed at becoming Owen Wilson. I know what a Herculean task this is, so just suck on a lemon.

Step 5: Be extremely upbeat and earnest with any subject or anything that life throws at you. How many pictures of Owen Wilson do you see of him frowning? Not many. Be upbeat and earnest. Stay hungry stay foolish in your quest to be Owen.

Follow these simple steps and you will be well on your way to becoming the man who played Hansel in Zoolander.

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