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Please help stop the Guido Epidemic.


This is another victim of what has become a global epidemic. This poor fellow shortly after seeing this "thing" went into a blinding retarded rage and was subdued with the local police. I have been doing research on this newly explosive virus. And what i have concluded from it is that after witnessing this virus and not becoming infected is that the individual will become what is now called "retarded."

Symptoms to the non infected include, blinding rage, Nashua, hallucination, crabs, and self decapitation.

Symptoms for the infected include, orange skin (similar to the oompa loompa people), duck lips, sickening appearance, sudden attraction to other Guido's, and many more unspeakable things.

If anyone you suspect is fallen to the virus leave immanently, there is no cure.

Views: 1065 Submitted: 04/09/2012