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Nostalgia bitch slap you in the face

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Artist: Junichi Masuda

Opening Theme
Palette Town
Professor Oak
Oak Research Lab
Rival Appears
The Road to Viridian City
Wild Pokémon Battle Theme
Victory vs Wild Pokémon!
Pewter City's Theme
Pokémon Center
Viridian Forest
Trainer Appears (Girl)
Pokémon Trainer Battle Theme
Victory vs Pokémon Trainer
Cave Theme
The Road to Cerulean City
Pokémon Gym
To Bill's Origin
Jigglypuff Song
Vermillion City
St. Anne Theme
The Road to Lavender Town
Pokémon Trainer Appears (Boy)
Gym Leader Battle Music
Victory vs Gym Leader!
Cycling Music
Lavender Town Theme
Pokémon Tower
Celadon City
Casino Theme
Team Rocket Appears
Team Rocket Hideout
Surf Music
Cinnabar Island
Pokémon Mansion
Pokémon Evolution Theme
The Final Road
Final Battle vs Rival
Into the Palace
Ending / Staff Roll

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