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#1 - darklucius
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(03/21/2012) [-]
This could work, though not forever. Since it's plugged into itself, it's acting like a battery (or a capacitor, not sure which term is more appropriate). Then he charged it up with the electric igniter from a lighter. If you left the nightlight plugged in long enough it would drain whatever power is flowing through it, so not infinite energy.

Either that, or this guy is a really good troll.
#59 to #1 - brokendistortion
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(03/22/2012) [-]
There is no/was no power running through it.
#34 to #1 - toji **User deleted account**
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#46 to #34 - darklucius
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(03/22/2012) [-]
Yes, but some of the electrical energy is being turned into heat and light. And the lightbulb would draw a considerable amount of energy due to how much heat and light it is producing.

Even if there were nothing else plugged into it, it's charge would still degrade over time because a tiny amount of that energy is being absorbed by the atmosphere around it, plus the wires themselves would slowly be degrading. This is also why batteries have an expiration date: Given enough time their electrical charge will bleed off.
#76 to #46 - toji **User deleted account**
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#18 to #1 - auryn
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(03/21/2012) [-]
I hope for your sake that you're not serious in this comment...
#21 to #18 - darklucius
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(03/21/2012) [-]
Why would you hope for my sake? Hope for my vodka instead...