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Save Derpy....Again!


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Sign the petition. Trust me you guys, your messages will be seen by some very important people.

To the artists at DHX Media: We love you all and we understand the position you guys were put in. I don't think any of us harbor any ill will towards you guys about this situation. You all rock and you've got our support.

To Hasbro: Please understand how sad we all are at the decision to cut this link between the fans and our favorite show. Derpy was more than just a background pony--she represented everything great about the show, its creators, and its creative & crazy fans. Derpy was a collaboration between the two of us. What a fantastic moment it was, when a character we both came to know and love was given a voice and the attention we all hoped for. Please, reconsider taking away that gift. We love Derpy and we love your show--please hear us out and keep our favorite klutzy pony just the way she is!

Stay respectful all you bronies. Make me proud and show everyone what we can do as a peaceful and loving community.

My first ever post on FJ, figured it was necessary to spread the word to you guys seeing as how this issue affects our favorite muffin-munching mail-mare. Please help and spread the word!

Views: 7216 Submitted: 02/25/2012