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My favorite song...


CREATORS : WoodenToaster (for original) and TheBaffMan for this glorious remix
and no i did not make this, im too lame to do this kind of work!
So here it is!!
My equaliser FINALLY completed.
Sure, it's not as impressive as my annotation based one, but I ran out of annotations! What else could I do? For those that want to know, THIS was how I originally planned on doing it the annotation way (the shape and colours)

The original (done by WoodenToaster) can be found at this link HERE: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbIGnY_DSIE and also by clicking the annotation on the video.

WALLPAPER DOWNLOAD: i53.tinypic.com/2h7ihhl.png
SONG DONWLOAD LINK: www.mediafire.com/?2t4tzvz719p2p67
ALTERNATE DOWNLOAD: You need to login to view this link

Views: 5144 Submitted: 01/19/2012