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The Candy Bar


A story from my ASL 2 class at Berkley City College (BCC) Spring 2008. Story comes from Signing Naturally Level 1. VHS to Digicam, Sorry! I'll try to find a tripod and reshoot.

I will tell you a story titled "The Candy Bar." I was waiting in long, line at the airport. I finally get to the ticket counter and purchase my ticket. The salesperson told me at my plane would be leaving late. I was disappointed and looked around for what to do. I saw a newspaper stand and walked over. I bought a newspaper and saw candy, so I bought that as well. Then I saw coffee and got that also. I gathered my things and looked for a seat and saw one far away. I walked over and put my stuff to my right. I got out my newspaper and started reading it when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man sitting to my right reach over, take my candy bar, take a huge bite and put it down. I was shocked so picked up my candy bar, took a bigger bite and put it down. Then he picked it up and shoved the rest in his mouth! Licking his fingers clean! I was furious! But then an announcement came over the intercom that the plane would be leaving soon. I was furious so I picked up my stuff, walked off, entered the airplane, buckled my seatbelt and sat down. The plane took off. I sat there mad but my hair was messy so I decided to comb it. I reached into my back pocket and what do I take out? My candy bar. Oops, oh well *bite*

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