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His Name Is James Bond


James Bond is a bit of an arsehole- in this video by running corners productions, they illustrate the how and why of James's arseholery...

Recorded at S & M Productions (Newcastle, Australia)
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My name is James Bond and I love to get plastered
I bang heaps of bitches cos I'm a smooth bastard
I tell them I love them then I **** off back to London
On my jetpack- thats how I roll

I need heaps of gadgets cos I carry a **** gun
After killing my enemies I like to make **** puns
Like the time I asked this guy who was crushed by a milk truck
Got milk? -as he died

Because I'm suave its ok for me to act like a prick
I like to **** up the towns that i visit, then let russian sluts eat my dick
Because I'm suave you can suck it, i'll ski on your lunch if i want
Take a stroll on the heads of some reptiles, then act heaps nonchalant

I've slept with Doctor Quinn, I've been to outer space
If you try to **** with me, I'll mess up your stupid face
With JUDO, JUDO, with ************* JUDO!

I seem to get younger as I get older
I'm always being handed lots of important folders
This martini is ********** it should be a lot colder
Hey bartender! You're a cunt.

Before I go
I'll let you know
The number of hoes
Ive ****** like a pro...

Views: 1289 Submitted: 01/15/2012