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"The penalty for being gay is death!"
a few moments later
"of course im against abortion! Haven't you heard of Thou Shalt not kill?"

.... wut.
#12 - HellsSponge ONLINE (01/14/2012) [-]
Being gay is punishable by death

10 seconds later

What part of thou shalt not kill do you not understand?
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but god says that its a sin to think less of another human being
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I don't understand these people. They preach "The work of God". God says not to judge others, that it's a sin. WBC is so self-contradicting...
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Is anything they do logical
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i'll admit, that guy at 30 seconds was pretty good.
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"being gay is punishable by death" guy responds "yes"

"Is it okay to abort a gay fetus" Guy responds "what part of though shalt not kill don't you understand" oh yeah contradict yourself Ron Paul hater
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**anonymous rolled a random image posted in comment #14 at Reaction guys comp ** I'll kill them with this...
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Wait, I'm a freak? Better start fornicating.
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This made my heart smile:33
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This counrty is just full of ******* tards... "and now featuring: tard stories from the church!"
1: The bible states in the book of Leviticus chapter 20: that yes, gay people are to be put to death. BUT, here is the funny part... the part everyone take the next few line WAY out of context: The point of god telling this stuff to his people is to prevent the spread of disease. take that whichever way because **** you.
2: This entire chapter of the bible tells people "not to do stuff". examples: DON'T: have anal after ******** , or DURING a woman's "time of the month" im NOT even kidding you this **** is in the ******* bible, or If you're sick with anything more than a common cold you have to be separated from the masses untill at least 2 week after you become better. also says go **** somewhere people don't typically eat and really obvious stuff that is obvious today. but, back then everyone was a dirty tard. Note: in the same chapter is says "OH yeah and no having sex with animals cause that **** is nasty" ...roughly translated.
3: Apparently, god told them all this stuff because there were so ******* many jews man. we're talking like, the holocaust crammed into 50 tents walking around the desert looking for their own land to claim for like... ******* 50 years. that many dirty people living is a dirty desert having dirty sex with god-knows who... god apparently has common sense.
4: EVERY ******* anti gayhomo movement in the history of ******* history has used this chapter as a tool in their fight against the "scary homos". problem is, half of them arent even versed enough in their own religions book to know that chapter covers things god told them NOT TO DO in cramped quarters.
5: yes, it also states "Homosexual acts are an abomination to God" but common man, give the guy a break. I mean, you build some random living thing and say: man + woman = more people. then see them doing Man + man = ??? God: "you're doing it wrong"
also, a priest said this. not god. read it.
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so, being gay is being punished by death.... What if i am straight then? does that mean i am immortal?
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This is how God will get his revenge, on the blasphemous sinner!

(Lol no jks)
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Oh **** ! This is why the buttfor was invented?!
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in b4 religious 			*********
in b4 religious *********
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This makes me sad because I live in Virginia :(
This makes me sad because I live in Virginia :(
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I'm straight, and I've never had a gf

Gay people are out there having gay sex ( **** we accuse straight people of having to insult them)...and LOVING IT

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they don't know who justin beiber is. **** they did something right.....
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