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Time Travel Thursdays with The Comedian


I'm gonna start this new weekly thing where I remember **** that may or may not have had an impact on people's lives. This week is "The Sifl and Olly Show. It first aired in 1997 on MTV when it was STILL ******* MTV. It continued for a couple years until cancellation in 1999 when MTV began to take a dark dark turn. When I was a kid, I used to stay up late and watch this by myself, with friends, or my older brother and, every once in a while, I'll still listen to some of the songs performed on the show.

This particular clip is from the regular segment "A Word With Chester", so enjoy and thumb up if you remember the good old days of MTV and/or Sifl and Olly.

Views: 1003 Submitted: 01/05/2012