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Season One

Reupload. My other channel on youtube that hosted this got banned for unrelated reasons.

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Submitted: 01/02/2012
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User avatar #25 - turtlefucker (01/03/2012) [+] (8 replies)
Sorry, gay community. :[
I tried. I just can't get into it.
#65 - chichiisalesbian (01/03/2012) [-]
I love you.
#68 - mandace (01/03/2012) [-]
Why not include season 2?

Haters went to town pinkieing down all these comments!
#7 - anonymous (01/03/2012) [+] (7 replies)
Ima say this once and for all so that you "gay community" understand...

Adventure Time > My Little Pony

Stop being gay and watching ******* ponies and watch battles and **** on Adventure Time.

And go ahead and flag or delete this comment, because it will be made again, and you are just proving the point that gay community are immature.

Thank you.
#9 to #8 - anonymous (01/03/2012) [-]
love and tolerate dude... love and tolerate
#83 - subzeromk (01/07/2012) [-]
Comment Picture

User avatar #74 - nnightfire (01/04/2012) [-]
Hey, this video is just as long as my normal day time on funnyjunk!
User avatar #73 - nnightfire (01/04/2012) [+] (1 reply)
Added to my favourites, gonna watch the WHOLE thing the coming days :)
#64 - blizzeh (01/03/2012) [-]
I don't have time for this dammit
I don't have time for this dammit
#59 - uuuio (01/03/2012) [-]
Oh my god, I can't believe I've resisted watching this up until now.
Guess I'm gonna be busy for the next week or two.
#47 - wrought (01/03/2012) [+] (4 replies)
Favorite pony picture thread go.
#62 to #47 - blokrokker (01/03/2012) [-]
Celestia is best pony

#15 - gaikang (01/03/2012) [+] (1 reply)
My initial reaction. Just thought it was some dumb 10 hour loop video.
#16 to #15 - gaikang (01/03/2012) [-]
Then I realized what was happening here.
User avatar #3 - spikethedragon ONLINE (01/03/2012) [-]
Darn only 360p
#23 - anonymous (01/03/2012) [-]
Thank you.
Thank you.
#21 - dreamofmirrors (01/03/2012) [-]
You know, I tried. I tried to like it. I even watched the first two episodes. I think it's just the ponies, if it was something cooler (to me) I might like it. The art style is cool, the idea behind it is cool, but I just can't find the appeal. I also have this weird pedo feeling when I hear them speak too. Sorry gay community of FJ, I am not one of you.
User avatar #19 - thejokerxx (01/03/2012) [-]
**** it ill watch it
#17 - opiethepug (01/03/2012) [-]
Well 						****					.   
I guess I'm a brony now.
Well **** .
I guess I'm a brony now.
#2 - anonymous (01/03/2012) [-]
Am for some reason laughing uncontrollably. Wtf.
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