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Gotta Buy 'Em All


Becoming a Pokemaster takes time, patience, and lots of money. Mostly money.
Video From College Humor, Pokemon Parody


So you want to be the very best
Heres what you gotta do
150 poke'mon to get
Plus some accessories too
So you bought the first 54
You still dont have enough
Everyone has bulbasaur but you
have wigglytuff

(Pokemon, gotta buy 'em all)
Keep trying and see
If you've got all 150
Well, there's more adventure in store
We just added 200 more
(Made 'em up, wasn't hard at all)
Natu and Xatu!
Just Some Bug Thats blue
Can't be the best without Chinchou
(Pokemon, gotta buy 'em all,
Seriously, buy them all)

So it looks like you're getting close
We didn't think you'd get this far
(Wow!) You even got Ampharos
Getting that one was f**king hard.

And there's more to come in this universe
But your wallet's short on funds
Take a quest into mom's purse
Were pretty sure that she has some

(Steal from Mom, she won't mind at all)
You need it to finish
Cuz we've just gotten 140-ish
(We're not sure)
Or a credit card works fine
You can apply for one online
(We don't care, just charge 'em all)
There's more on the way
We s*** em out every damn day
To be the best you have to Buy
(Pokemon, gotta buy 'em all
We want boats: Real Big boats)

Views: 1107 Submitted: 01/02/2012