Chatroullete Magic

EDIT: Wow, thanks again for the love. I always wanted to do magic. My original statement for this should have been: "Here is a video in lieu of trying to respond to everyone personally."

Just wanted to show some thanks to the new and old subscribers, and to the folk at funnyjunk (it's all lower-case, right?) for being very encouraging. I have to tend to other projects and thought I would save this for the weekend, but...meh. It was a passing idea and I slipped it in the wee hours of the night.

So give me 7 days to get my digital house in order, and I will be back. Thanks again, and sorry I didn't do this in the video ( section; I thought the text on the signs might get too squiggly.

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Submitted: 12/01/2011
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#4 - mrumad (12/01/2011) [+] (3 replies)
i want to lick your voice
#16 - redlightdistrict **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#13 - xanjr (12/02/2011) [-]
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#6 - locking **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#7 - alexstanley (12/02/2011) [-]
your voice is audible chocolate
#29 - randomawesomfacetr (12/02/2011) [-]
i lol'd at the racist joke, it was weird
#21 - chikhbiddy (12/02/2011) [-]
#26 - vserras (12/02/2011) [-]
I want that voice
User avatar #31 - swampert (12/02/2011) [-]
I lost it for some reason when he said "look at that, a god damn monkey"
User avatar #20 - milkandmore (12/02/2011) [-]
I'm going to masturbate to this mans voice.
User avatar #18 - WTFPOWDAH (12/02/2011) [+] (1 reply)
For some odd reason I kept expecting a PENIS to flop into the magic show somehow.
#1 - atktennisplayer (12/01/2011) [+] (3 replies)
See you on the front page!
See you on the front page!
#34 - reaganomix (12/02/2011) [-]
This is the only thing on the front page that made me laugh, thank you.

User avatar #14 - tokiopop (12/02/2011) [-]
All these videos you make deserve a lot more thumbs!
User avatar #43 - ashleymayy (12/03/2011) [-]
Okay, first I would like to point out that you are hilarious !
Second I would like to state that you have a really hot voice... That is incredible !
#30 - imgoingtoroll (12/02/2011) [-]
**imgoingtoroll rolled a random image posted in comment #77 at Am I the only one? **
User avatar #23 - kibi (12/02/2011) [-]
I lost it at "Why does he treat me differently?"
#22 - GoodGood (12/02/2011) [-]
Sounds like this.
#17 - captainbackslash (12/02/2011) [-]
This is amazing!
User avatar #40 - annaisocoolike (12/02/2011) [-]
LOL "send me back there wizard, send me back!" holy **** im cracking up
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