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Trying something new


Second one is here: /youtube/2964465/Rage+Movie+2/

****, never expected this sort of response... First off, thanks for all the Feedback, that's the most important part of this... This was a concept and we knew it wouldn't be perfect... But now we know what you want.

Feel free to sub me on here, & on youtube ( They'll always go on youtube first ) You need to login to view this link

This isn't me acting by the way, big thanks to Mr Daniel Raw for the elite acting skills

If I don't deliver then feel free to bother me and hurl abuse on my page ( You need to login to view this link )

Please give us time for the next one, we have so much to adjust, voices, the way it's filmed, plots. The list goes on, but this is what I do for a living, video stuff, so OP shall deilvar!

Post comics you've created on my page too, friends request me, anything, Just thanks for your support and I hope it continues, With your help we can really help this take off...

K8n Mistry

Views: 115555 Submitted: 11/26/2011