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User avatar #36 - bakinboy (10/22/2011) [-]
why do the graphics for mw3 look the same as mw2 even though its 5 years old?\
User avatar #55 to #36 - PlaystationGuy (11/02/2011) [-]
Its slightly better, but its hard to tell the difference but when mw2 came out the graphics looked better than most games at the time and mw2 came out in 2009 so its only 3 years. If this game came out now and mw2 hadn't come out most people would be fine with how it looks. Their problem is that it looks almost exactly like mw2 not that it looks bad.
User avatar #43 to #36 - kenfly (10/26/2011) [-]
Using the same game engine. Its called laziness. Play a new game with a new engine, like BF3
User avatar #54 to #43 - PlaystationGuy (11/02/2011) [-]
you don't make a new engine for every game.
User avatar #57 to #54 - kenfly (11/14/2011) [-]
yeah nor do you use the same one when you have competition
User avatar #58 to #57 - PlaystationGuy (11/14/2011) [-]
They aren't in a competition. They are making a game and selling it. Everyone else thinks of it as a competition. Bf3 is a first person shooter like mw3 but its not the same type of first person shooter. The maps are larger and the way the guns shoot are different. Do you know how much work goes into making a new engine? A engine is used for at least 5 years. Take the unreal engine 2, its one of the easiest and best engines for making games. It was introduced in 2002. Unreal engine 3 didn't come out till 2009. Most of the new games like batman and gears of war use it. So Unreal engine 2 was around for 7 years and Unreal engine 4 is supposed to come out 2013-2018. But lets just say that unreal engine is a really really good engine thats why it stays around so long. The engine used to make cod4 (IW 3.0) was used to make Cod5 and black ops. They were heavily modified for blackops but its still based on an engine that was made 4 years ago. Mw3 engine is a modified version of IW 4.0 which was used for mw2. Much doesn't seemed changed because what they changed most people don't pay attention to. The textures a slightly better, they use more and brighter colors (if you look at other fps they tend to only choose 2 or 3 colors and just use shades) and they improved streaming on the engine so that larger areas can be made while maintaining 60fps. If they were to make mw4 with this engine then i would definitely see where your coming from but mw3 is only 2 years after mw2.
User avatar #59 to #58 - kenfly (11/16/2011) [-]
I just think everything in MW3 could've just been Downloadable content for MW2. sans the crappy storyline.
User avatar #60 to #59 - PlaystationGuy (11/16/2011) [-]
Most of the content probably but it wouldn't have those minor upgrades mw3 had, plus if they released it as dlc it would cost much more than $60. There are like 16 maps, new survival mode, and new guns. And you wouldn't have stuff like the proficiencies or bouncing bettys. Plus it wouldn't work with call of duty elite. Why don't you like the story? I think mw3 had the second best story for CoD game. Sure its not the best story in a game but its definitely not the worst.
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