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Nyan cat falls in love!


Finally it's done! This was a lot longer to make than I originally though...
Anyway, this is my first serious non-maple story, so I really hope you enjoy it. ^w^

Music list :
0:03 Nyan Cat Jazz remix by HeartlessCorporation
0:30 Nyan Cat 8bit Remix by musicalWolfe
1:11 Slow5 from RPGM XP
1:38 Original Nyan cat
2:54 FF7 piano collection - Tifa theme
3:23 Kim Yoon - November

Download link for the song at 1:11 =

I do not own the musics and sounds used in this video. However, I do own the most of the graphics, since I made them myself.

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Have a good day ^^

Views: 1232 Submitted: 09/26/2011