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I like trains!


Wow...this has got to be one of the best things ever for me, for a reason I'll explain for people who don't mind reading.
Basically I saw the I like trains kid in one of the first asdf movies, and one day back when I was stationed in Illinois for ET "A" school I was in class and was in a conversation with a few classmate (totally on topic to the content >.>). When there was one point where no one was talking I just said "I like trains" and I guess that was the greatest thing ever to them. So trains stuck with me that whole class (6 or 7 months) and when we did team based labs or evolutions my team was always Team Train...ahhh good times. Eventually at muster I would say "I like trains" instead of rogering up when my name was called, so then my whole barracks knew about it and I continued to randomly and at completely uncalled for times say "I like trains" and much win was had...

Feels good to share stories ^_^

Views: 1772 Submitted: 09/26/2011