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Brain Disorder


Three men, one disease. RESD (Random emotion swapping disorder) is an extremely rare condition in which the emotions felt during a certain period of time are delayed and consequently re-emerge at a different point in time. The delay could take hours, days, or weeks.

Follow Ollie, Andrew and Chris as they journey through the most unforgiving terrain Papua New Guinea has to offer in search of solace for their incurable disease.

Also, jumbalaya.

Special thanks to our 'psychologist' Robert Mclaughlin

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Submitted: 08/15/2011
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#2 - littlemonkeygun (08/15/2011) [-]
I think its horrible that people laugh at this disorder
How would you feel if it were you?
#1 - anon (08/15/2011) [-]
hahahaha Dat some ****** up **** right there!
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