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Ultimate batting practice

fake or not its still cool
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Submitted: 08/11/2011
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#722 - anonymous (01/10/2012) [-]
This is the fakest video I have ever seen, first off, the balls do hit at the exact same place on the net....every time. Secondly, any person would react completely excited and omg wtf did I just do?! Not oh hey we just completed a semi effectively acted out skit. Third, the angle at which he is swinging would cause the ball to literally hit the ground five feet in front of him, for him to hit the ball as level as he did, with the projection of the ball coming towards him, is impossible for him. I know this because I have played baseball for years and know my stuff. This video is so stupid and im saddened by those idoits who actually think this is real....ugh

#723 to #722 - cjslc **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#719 - anonymous (10/22/2011) [-]
It is a fake, look at the ending, the balls (both of them) suddenly vanish ;)

But EPIC video, really got me going
#721 to #719 - anonymous (11/04/2011) [-]
that's because he sends them off between 3rd and short stop, into left field. watch it and listen to the "pings" at the end...higher pitch, higher arch, longest distance. just give it a try before you discredit someone. :-)
#718 - anonymous (10/17/2011) [-]
the people calling this fake are probably the fat ass retards that dropped out of school and are still living with their parents. doing stuff like this isnt hard. just takes a lot of trial and error and a little athleticism.
#716 - anonymous (10/16/2011) [-]
it's not fake, retard. the ball doesnot hit the first net in the same place every time. also, the speed and curvature of each hit is slightly different. why do people try so hard to tear other people apart over the internet?
#715 - anonymous (10/16/2011) [-]
fake- if you watch the ball hits the exact same spot on the first net every time he hits, not possible
#720 to #715 - anonymous (11/02/2011) [-]
it is possible, it's not likely or plausible, but it is possible.. but watch the other guy.
#714 - anonymous (10/15/2011) [-]
look at the balls' shadows on the ground, always exactly the same.

fake imo.
#713 - anonymous (10/14/2011) [-]
So do any of you nasayers have the skills too do a fake video this good or hit some balls this well ? Ya , didnt think so.
Where? Wo...
nope. you do know how too talk out your neck though.
Record that and post it . A real one that would be.
#717 to #713 - anonymous (10/16/2011) [-]
Doesn't everybody talk out of their necks? Well, technically it starts with the diaphragm, but I'd be impressed if you could get the air to come out anywhere else, besides your nose, but that would be humming.
#712 - anonymous (10/14/2011) [-]
fake real fake real who cares?
It's a fun video.
#711 - anonymous (10/13/2011) [-]
REAL! look at the other guy... if it was looped, he would be doing the same motions over and over. Also, explain the second ball in your "faked" theory.
#710 - anonymous (10/13/2011) [-]
I looks fake, but the ball hits a different part of the net each time
#708 - anonymous (10/12/2011) [-]
the ball goes to the EXACT same spot everytime... impossible.. very fake...
User avatar #707 - MamaRocks (10/12/2011) [-]
just got here via StumbleUpon....guess that means I should never leave
#709 to #707 - whyyounofuck (10/12/2011) [-]
same and i was already signed in
#705 - mesopotamian (10/12/2011) [-]
Yeah just makin sure nobody thinks this is real.... because I hate when people make fake vids like this and act like it's so amazing
#704 - anonymous (10/11/2011) [-]
yes go stumble!! i just lost it!
#702 - anonymous (10/11/2011) [-]
You Stumbled it because the Uploader probably tagged it a million times on Stumble.
You Stumbled it because the Uploader probably tagged it a million times on Stumble.
User avatar #699 - acharminbear (10/11/2011) [-]
#706 to #699 - anonymous (10/12/2011) [-]
omg me tooo
User avatar #700 to #699 - towd (10/11/2011) [-]
NO ******* WAY, SO DID I
#701 to #700 - ladymirror **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#698 - anonymous (10/10/2011) [-]
its much cooler to think its real and awesome than be pessimistic and say its fake
User avatar #696 - majornilsen (10/08/2011) [-]
You know you've spent too much time on the internet when you remember this post on the front page and then Stumble here.
User avatar #703 to #696 - FreeMind (10/11/2011) [-]
Yup. A lot.
#697 to #696 - imanonymousbitches **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#695 - anonymous (10/07/2011) [-]
#694 - anonymous (10/07/2011) [-]
If we get to pick teams for the Zombie Apocalypse, I choose this guy.
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