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Shanghai Noon Full Movie


by kovacsati7
Shanghai Noon is a 2000 American martial arts action comedy western film starring Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. Directed by Tom Dey his directorial debut, it was written by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.
The film, set in Nevada and other parts of the west in the 19th century, is a juxtaposition of a western with a kung fu action film with extended martial arts sequences. It also has elements of comedy and the "Buddy Cop" film genre, as it involves two men of different personalities and ethnicities (a Chinese imperial guard and a Western outlaw) who team up to stop a crime. It was partially filmed in the Canadian Badlands, near Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. A sequel, Shanghai Knights, was released in 2003.
Produced by Jackie Chan (executive)
Starring Jackie Chan
Owen Wilson
Lucy Liu
Roger Yuan
Xander Berkeley
Walton Goggins
Mr Middleton

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