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Guy Love . The Blanks

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Clearly not mine... Love the blanks and love scrubs. this is awesome!!
The video was filmed at the legendary Formosa Café in Hollywood, directed by Mike Venezia, and features guest appearances by the one and only Ken Jenkins (aka "Dr. Bob Kelso" on Scrubs), and also Kathryn McCormick (voted top female star on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance, Season 6, and an "Allstar" of Season 7 and the current SYTYCD Season 8). The single will also be available soon on Amazon, Spotify and everywhere else.

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User avatar #1 - shiibbyy
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(08/04/2011) [-]
Not as good as Turk and JD :(
#2 to #1 - chubbzilla [OP]
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(08/04/2011) [-]
Still pretty awesome though!
User avatar #3 to #2 - shiibbyy
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(08/04/2011) [-]
Yes, as to why you got one thumb :) I just try to imagine one of them black..