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Tom is a famous guy around these parts, You may remember him as the victim of a brutal and uncalled for assault and arrest at an Oakland A's game, where he was brutally pepper sprayed by police for what amounts to nothing.<br />
<br />
Well, it turns out that a local radio station is trying to set up a supervised re-match between Tom and the young man he tussled with on the bus. Should be worthwhile watching!

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Submitted: 02/21/2010
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User avatar #6 - jigglyball (02/21/2010) [-]
You know hes mentally unstable right
User avatar #5 - DemoChild (02/21/2010) [-]
LOL you sir deserve an internet
User avatar #4 - Setari (02/21/2010) [-]
IMO this guy probably wants to be left alone... I know I would be. I'd probably kick the piss out of everyone that came up to me about this **** after two days...
User avatar #2 - Taco Thunder (02/21/2010) [-]
if this is true...then the world is truly a better place
User avatar #1 - DemoChild (02/21/2010) [-]
That guy looks incredibly young for a 67 year old, agreed?
#3 to #1 - anon (02/21/2010) [-]
Thats just his amount of epicness slowing down the ageing.
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