Here it is, the one and only complete version of GentleMentleMen! NOW WITH CAPTIONS FOR YOUR KARAOKE NEEDS!!! Sure, there were other versions, some even containing the full song, but this is the final, the COMPLETE version of the song! Enjoy to your hearts content.
MP3: [url deleted]
Backup MP3 (If above no worky!): [url deleted]
Background Song: Ryu* AGEHA 2010
Based off:
•GentleMentleMen by Maplemaniac9003 ( [url deleted] )
•GentleMentleMen V3 by Jamie41196 ( [url deleted] )
•The hardships of life
Content used from:
•Meet the Spy
•Meet the Heavy
•Meet the Demoman
•Meet the Soldier
•Link: The Faces of Evil (CD-i)
•The french dictionary

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Submitted: 07/02/2011
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#1 - anonymous (07/02/2011) [-]
i didnt feel like signing in but that was 3 minutes of awesomeness
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