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67 year old man beats up black guy

This man is a legend on 4chan

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Submitted: 02/16/2010
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User avatar #53 - wamboozle (02/16/2010) [+] (1 reply)
And now to our BlaccuWeather forecaster, Ollie Williams. What happened here Ollie?
Ollie: ***** GOT BEAT!!
Thanks Ollie. Back to you Diane.
#275 - anon (02/17/2010) [-]
you dont **** with santa lol
#473 - anon (02/17/2010) [+] (1 reply)
i love how even though the black guy is harassing the old guy all the black people are supporting the black man's actions. he went up and punched the white guy first and all the black woman are yelling at the white guy for kicking the black dude's ass? come on people that only proves that the only real racist people in this movie are the black people. they're all trying to gain up on a white guy simply because some black brother is acting like an asshole
#63 - anon (02/16/2010) [-]
so he hits the old guy?
and gets the **** beat outa him
and she thinks THEY can press charges?
******* idiot
he must be proud to get the **** beat outa him by a damn near 70 year old man
#1444 - anon (02/18/2010) [+] (2 replies)
Stupid ****** deserved it, and typical gutless bastard talks **** after the old man gets off the bus. I bet if the old dude heard that he would walk back and break his face again.

I had a similar situation happen to me, and I beat the **** out of 2 ******* trying to jump me. I broke one's arm and probably both noses. They need to learn some respect.
#1445 to #1444 - manynames (02/18/2010) [-]
world of warcraft doesnt count
User avatar #774 - TheACEofSpades (02/17/2010) [+] (2 replies)
Things like this upset me. I admit the black guy had it coming but I just hate seeing people get hurt physically or mentally. The old man shouldn't have gotten kicked off the bus, and the black guy really should just stop starting **** . Even in my school this **** happens all the time, just to prove to other people they are stronger or gain respect. I know I'm probably going to get a lot of thumbs down but I wish humans could just make friends as their first idea when meeting someone, not pick a fight because they're different. I over-think things way too hard and see what would happen to both people. Seeing bloodshed in a fight gets me upset =( But that black guy had it coming to him.
#3 - anon (02/16/2010) [+] (1 reply)
Awesome, all the black's are like that white guy is a bad man stop him. If the black guy won they would have been like yeah, but then they were like what, and the guy still didn't learn his lesson. he was like i'll get you. ****** black people... can't even stop a bloody nose.
#177 - anon (02/17/2010) [-]
im not a racist guy but the black man was asking for it
#91 - anon (02/17/2010) [-]
I find it messed up that the other black people on the bus were telling the black guy to beat the crap out of the white guy, but then they want to blame the white guy for the black guy getting his ass beat. That is just plain stupid. I wonder what actually happened after this. Did the black guy go to jail or what?

Now, I am not a racist, but this is one of the reasons why I think black people are so ****** as a whole.

captcha: diary
User avatar #70 - Expertpancakes (02/16/2010) [+] (4 replies)
omg this is y i ******* HATE BLACK PEOPLE!!
that ****** started messing with the old man thinking hes ******* tough and **** then he gets his ass knocked the **** out then he goes on to say hes gonna **** him up?!?! omg black people really? he got knocked out in 3 or 4 punches then that stupid annoying ****** girl says "oh we can press charges" no u ******* cant! the ****** hit first if anything the old man can sue! so **** all these ******* !
User avatar #52 - piclemaniscool (02/16/2010) [+] (1 reply)
little ****** talking tough right up until the end.
"I'll get you next time. I'll **** you up"

why is it perfectly fine for black people to be racist/prejudice but EVERYONE else might as well be a part of the KKK?

I'm Jewish and i bet if I said an even slightly racist remark i'd get into a fight like this. Guess what? Black people have been persecuted severely for a couple hundred years and its OVER. Jews? we had FACTUAL evidence of persicution for AT LEAST 1000 years with multiple genocides. (inquisition, holocaust, as 2 biggest). But guess what? do you hear us complaining about "the gentile man keeping me down"? no. we ******* deal with it. if someone says ****** up things about it we keep our mouths shut.

not best place but im ventin
User avatar #301 - EpicFacePalm (02/17/2010) [-]
Wtf the lady is like "We can press charges, I got it on videotape".

You DO realize the white guy didn't want to fight, that's why he went to the front of the bus. Then the black guy followed him to the front and threw the first punch.

Although, I liked how the black guy said "I'll **** you up" AFTER he already got the **** beat out of him.
#6 - anon (02/16/2010) [-]
haha buhleed muhfuka! fkn ******* think they so bad! haha after the white guy kicked his ass he should have put him to work in his cotton fields! maybe he coulda picked sum to wipe up the blood with. fkn black bitch.
#287 - anon (02/17/2010) [-]
******* racist ****** deserved it!
#474 - anon (02/17/2010) [-]
****** got what he deserved!!!!!
User avatar #969 - Anonynonymous (02/17/2010) [+] (1 reply)
Fanny Pack $ 7.00, Tshirt tucked into Shorts $ 13.00, Hitting a Mutha Fukka so hard he has to call the Ambulamps, Priceless
#777 - anon (02/17/2010) [-]
Stupid bitch at the end saying they could press charges, her video is proof against them.
#527 - anon (02/17/2010) [-]
You have to love the glorious, glorious white power. I can't think of anything better.
#475 - anon (02/17/2010) [-]
mm looks like some black bitch wants to "press charges" IS SHE ******* RETARDED?!?! THAT ****** STARTED THE FIGHT, AND HE GOT HIS ASS KICKED BY AN OLD MAN!!!!!!!!!!
User avatar #100 - ForGood (02/17/2010) [-]
Holding the black guy's shirt with one hand, black guy clutching the pole helplessly *grumbles* I TOLD YOU NOT TO **** WITH ME.
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