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Nobody would mind if I reposted this

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For all you FunnyJunkers and all the other ancients like me who saw this when you were in like... 5th grade or something... here is the original parody of BSB - I want it that way - Which BSB is gay.
Of course, those who have actually watched this video would know that the lyrics in the video and the lyrics in the singing aren't corresponding.

Views: 1048 Submitted: 06/20/2011
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#1 - duhwinning
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(06/20/2011) [-]
Nostalgic moment of old FJ
#2 - whyohwhy
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(06/20/2011) [-]
wow, the memories. first saw this in like year 4 when funnyjunk was feindly and green. its the same feeling i got when i found my old nintendo 64 in the wardrobe.