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Armis Player Piece Movement


Various pieces are able to move different ways throughout the game, most are able to move as long as they have space to move, others, such as the sea vessels must rely on the Mover to get them where they need to be in order to move on their own, and one that can't move until each of his military buddies have made an initial move -- the Reserve.
Here are just a few movement examples: the President is able to move an unlimited amount of spaces in any uninterrupted straight-line direction on land; the Submarine, after being towed by the Mover to coastal waters, can move 1 space on coastal waters or up to 2 straight-line deep water spaces; the Marine is able to climb 1 or 2, of its 3 multi-directional spaces on land and/or coastal waters, it can also board any sea vessel; however the Flag's can only travel 1 space at a time on land.
Armis has pieces that can move forward, backward, up (jet), down (submarine), straight, zig-zag, climb (child), and be board by other pieces (sea vessels).

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Views: 346 Submitted: 05/23/2011