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Amnesia Hilarious Gameplay Reaction


I bought the game after watching this clip. Full credit to original youtube posters!
Hey guys, check out our twitter and our livestream! The twitter is so that I can communicate with people who wanna see what times we'll be doing livestreams and what games we'll be playing, etc etc.
EDIT: Holy ****, 1 million views. Wasn't expecting that, LOL. I wanted to thank all you guys for posting this video around and gettin' it so many views and everything. I can't wait to upload more videos but I'm just really lazy haha. It really makes me happy to know that so many people got so much enjoyment out of this.
And also LISTEN to this ******* remix that this guy "Metrodox" made of this video, www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6xwQ-JwmJo. It's sooo good. I totally enjoyed it haha.
This is basically a video of me playing Amnesia while over Skype with my friends (who are also playing Amnesia on their own respective computers at different parts in the game) and getting the **** knocked out of my ASS from PURE CRIPPLING FEAR ALONE.
Also, add us on facebook and twitter!
EDIT: No furries are allowed to comment on this video. That means you, ZavCoyote

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at night
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4:26 is the BEST PART
#10 to #7 - tararainbows
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-Oh **** I have a bag of Milky Ways.
#8 - anon
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this made me piss my pants, I want this game so much right now
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