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YEA I Know this whole song...so what?
" ****** Hatin Me" by Johnny Rebel
I like sugar, and I like tea
But I don't like ******* ...no siree!
There's two known things that'll make me puke
And that's a hog eatin' slop, and a big, black spook!
You know it...cause I show it
Like a barn-yard rooster I crow it!
And the NAACP
Would sure like to get a-hold of ************* me!
Roses are red, and violet's are blue
And ******** are black, you know that's true
But they don't mind, cause what the heck!
You gotta be black to get a welfare check!
And I'm broke...no joke
I ain't got a nickel for a coke!
And I ain't black, you see
So Uncle Sam won't help poor ************* me.
Jig-A-Boo, jig-a-boo...where are you?
I's here in the woodpile...watchin' you
Jig-A-Boo, jig-a-boo...come out!
No! Cause I'm scared of the white man's a-way down South
You know it!...cause I show it.
Stick your black head out and I'll blow it!
And the NAACP
Can't keep you away from little old ************* me!
Mirror, mirror...on the wall
Who is the blackest of them all?
A man named King, and there ain't no doubt
That he's causin' lots of trouble with his baboon mouth.
Brewin'...he's a doin'
It's caused by the trouble he's a-brewin'
And the NAACP
Can't win if the white men stick with ************* me!
Hey! Mr. President! What do you say?
When are we whites gonna have our day?
The ******** had there's such a long, long time
I'm white, and it's time that I had mine!
You know it...cause I show it!
Stick your black head out and I'll blow it!
And the NAACP
Can't win if the white man sticks with ************* me!
keywords: black, negro, naacp, martin luther king, lawdy, fried chicken, hookers, cocaine, watermelon

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Submitted: 05/02/2011
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