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Jenna Rose "My Jeans" (Brock's Dub)


War, natural disasters, the apocalypse...none of these matter to 12 year old Jenna Rose. She's only concerned about...her JEANS. So of course I'm going to make a dub out of it. I provide all the voices and sound effects.

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Views: 1671 Submitted: 04/10/2011
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#4 - tunneyb **User deleted account**
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#3 - anon
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(04/10/2011) [-]
dude iv seen the 6 times under 20 min
#2 - trannydreams
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(04/10/2011) [-]
the ending was great! now put Beiber and black in that van and world peace is restored
#1 - dangertravis
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(04/10/2011) [-]
Can anyone get a goddamn record deal these days? WHERE THE **** IS MINE?!