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This is the latest video of PET MEME. I added the "MEME STORE", the ability to poop, and more "under the hood" features such as saving/loading upon closing/startup. ENJOY AND REMEMBER: LOVE YOU ALL.

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Submitted: 03/16/2011
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User avatar #7 - aaronjzc (03/16/2011) [-]
Wow, man! that looks amazing! Every time you upload a new video, it looks more and more impressive! Not to mention more hilarious every time! i love how it changes to Forever Alone when it wants you to play with it, and how it changes to the TrollFace when it takes a **** on the floor! it looks amazing as it is, but i have some suggestions -one of which was also requested by others- that i think would make this amazing app even better;

1: You should enable the user to choose different backgrounds and settings
2: You should enable the user to buy items to keep thier Pet Meme entertained (such as a ball, frisbee, maybe even a computer with FJ on it)

Well that's all! Kepp up the good work!
User avatar #6 - Seanxy (03/16/2011) [-]
How about disapearing bacon? You drop it to give him, but just before it gets to him the bacon disappears. Then the Me Gusta changes to Rage!
#2 - anon (03/16/2011) [-]
you used my idea :D
you used my idea :D
User avatar #4 to #2 - zeespy (03/16/2011) [-]
**** , bug logged me out -.-
User avatar #8 - localbees (03/17/2011) [-]
you ought to be able to put in like furniture, or posters, or whatever
User avatar #3 - sirbonzaiatak (03/16/2011) [-]
so when will this be done, it looks ******* epic
User avatar #9 - quotetype (03/17/2011) [-]
you should have the ability to make more then one guy make one female then they can reproduce and make more memes. also different backrounds.
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