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Black Veil Brides


Check out the new interview here! www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5dnBwiSSNg<br />
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Thanks to everyone who sent us their questions.<br />
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Special thanks to Andy Sixx , Black Veil Brides, their tour manager Jon, and Jamie Simone at PFA Media for making this happen.<br />
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Joel<br />
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BlankTV<br />
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www.myspace.com/blackveilbrides<br />
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www.facebook.com/Blackveilbrides<br />
www.youtube.com/user/BlackVeilBridestv<br />
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www.blanktv.com/ Like this video? <br />
Black Veil Brides - &quot;Perfect Weapon ' Standby Records<br />
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Director: Patrick Fogarty<br />
just want to get this bands attention out there

Tags: screamo
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