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Tetris with lyrics


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By the way, for all of you who prefer to get offended by everything that crosses your path, please know that this video is a joke. I just think it's interesting that women tend to love puzzle games more than men.<br />
Ya turds.<br />
LYRICS:<br />
Shapes made of four colored blocks like a T or a box<br />
Come down like falling bricks<br />
You can place them in rows, but everybody knows <br />
That they made this game for chicks (HEY!)<br />
Mom just loves to flip and stack<br />
Grandma says this **** is like crack! (Well it is!)<br />
This is the game girls deserve, there is no learning curve<br />
Which makes it great for noobs<br />
It will fill you with glee, especially if you have a vaj and boobs (HEY!)<br />
Your mom loves it<br />
Mine does too<br />
Call me sexist, bitch it's still true (just kidding about the bitch part)<br />
Deep in a girl's dainty brain, there's a spot near a vein<br />
Which regulates their bliss (The T-spot)<br />
Once they see falling blocks, the T-spot unlocks<br />
And they start to sing like this (SING!)<br />
Here is a trick I have learned<br />
To avoid getting burned<br />
When you piss off your chick<br />
If you sing this on key,<br />
Immediately she'll forget that you're a dick (Try it!)<br />
LA LA LA LA (I'm still mad.) LA LA LA (Is that the Tetris song?)<br />
LA LA LA LA (I love tetris!) LA LA LA (Im happy now.)<br />
Tetris helps when chicks want to neuter us (Snip, snip, snip)<br />
If you love it, you probably have a uterus!<br />
-------------<br />
This video is dedicated to Dana and Drew Aber, probably the two coolest people who would claim to be brentalfans.<br />
By the way, I never post my records because I think it's kind of petty, but today (12 14 08) this video was the #1 featured gaming video in 23 countries and the #43 most viewed video today.<br />
BrentMas FTW.<br />
Bonus fact: If you listen close around 1:18, you can hear me laughing at myself. I didn't catch it till after I uploaded the video. I guess I was laughing after one of my &quot;LA LA LA LA&quot; takes...

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