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3rd Touhou M 1 Grand Prix MikoMiko Spark


Original Description Below.<br />
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Link for Softsub download, as requested:<br />
www.mediafire.com/download.php?cjmerjnjyjy<br />
Like my previous Oriental Sunflower video, I noticed this part of the Touhou M-1 Grand Prix Manzai series wasn't uploaded or translated, so I took the liberty myself. Unlike the last video, though, I didn't have a wiki to turn to.<br />
I started with the Spanish translations in Educhosan's video. From there, it was my own knowledge, a dictionary, and then conferring with a friend that knows Chinese and has the Chinese translation of the video. It's been over 24 hours but I'm finally done. So this sub is more or less my own. Trust me, it's been a trip.<br />
Some notes:<br />
There's a second Miko Miko Spark video where Marisa and Reimu are in the finals of the Grand Prix. Hopefully I'll get that one up eventually.<br />
&quot;Naki oujo no tame no seputetto&quot; and &quot;Otenba koi musume&quot;- Septette for the Dead Princess and Beloved Tomboyish Girl, Remilia and Cirno's respective themes.<br />
&quot;The king's game&quot;- See video comments for an explanation, thanks.<br />
&quot;On the rocks&quot;- Bar term. Basically, you pour the drink over (solid, unmashed) ice.<br />
&quot;Blaune&quot;- A brand of hair dye in Japan, and a beauty magazine of the same name.<br />
&quot;Marisa, Alice, Peach!&quot;- PatchuMirin reference, anyone?<br />
All of that said, sorry about the soft subs, I worry that they annoy people. It's a bit harder to read simultaneous dialogue than what I read in my usual program, but it works. I tried to hardsub it using VirtualDub (I use Aegisubs for timing) but the combined video comes out at 6GB AND it lags all over the place. Totally not worth it.<br />
Now, if you can get past all that...enjoy!

Views: 1291 Submitted: 01/17/2011