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PVP Instrument.


this guy performing a medley of recognizable songs on his PVC Pipe Instrument (2.0) inspired by the Blue Man Group at the Del Rey South Talent Show at LMU.<br />
Songs are...<br />
-Office Theme Song (0:18)<br />
-Linus and Lucy (0:38)<br />
-Turkish March (1:13)<br />
-Mario Brothers Theme (1:27)<br />
-In the Hall of the Mountain King (1:54)<br />
-Bad Romance (2:07)<br />
-Viva La Vida (2:50)<br />
-Like a Virgin (3:03)<br />
-Crazy Train (3:23)<br />
-Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (4:01)<br />
-James Bond Theme (4:15)<br />
-Pirates of the Caribbean Theme (4:35)<br />
-The Final Countdown (featuring my friend, Quin) (4:56)<br />
Enjoy!<br />
Have a questions about my PVC Instrument? Here's a video of me answering some commonly asked questions!<br />
www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjyKvDcDHR8<br />
Become a fan of me on Facebook for exclusive videos and pictures of my PVC Instrument and performances!<br />
www.facebook.com/snubbyj<br />
My friend, Quin, (who joins me at the end of the video) and I tied first place at this talent show. He did a diabolo chinese yo-yo routine after me outside which I have also posted the video of.

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