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Bob Dylan meets The Beatles N' Get High


Just in time for The Beatles Rock band on Wii, Xbox360, and PS3: &quot;Bob Meets The Beatles&quot; is Episode 22 of The Meth Minute cartoon series. This one takes us back in time to a milestone moment in rock history: the day Bob Dylan first smoked up the Beatles. It got weird in that room. Directed by Dan Meth.<br />
<br />
Performed by:<br />
Scott Kaufman<br />
Tom Forget<br />
Dan Meth<br />
Marc Boxser<br />
<br />
music by: <br />
Dan Meth<br />
Andres Palmiter<br />
<br />
Additional Art:<br />
Josh Weisbrod<br />
Claire Samuels<br />
<br />
Sound Design:<br />
Mark Vitelli<br />
<br />
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Views: 3082 Submitted: 11/28/2009